14 Day Love Challenge


Valentine’s Day may be one of those “greeting card” holidays that many of us choose not to buy into, but it’s also an opportunity to set a deadline for rekindling romance in our relationships and marriages, or learning to spend more time on the people who love us—and those who need our love. Two weeks of daily love challenges won’t fix everything, but it’s a great place to start. The best way to do it? Add each daily challenge to the one the day before. It takes two weeks to create a habit; why not create a habit of falling in love or giving love every day?

Before you begin: Think about your relationship and what you want to improve with this love challenge. Write it down, knowing that you deserve love as does your partner. Dedicate yourself to the challenge – for both of you.

If you’re single, whether you have someone special or not, commit to this challenge for yourself. You will receive love when you live a life full of it: it will show in your face and your every action, and draw others to you.

Ready to commit to the 14 Day Love Challenge? Start now:

Strategy Magazine Love Challenge

Challenge #1


Say “I love you” in a new way, not just as a sign-off at the end of a phone call. Wake your honey with a kiss and a profession of your love without any thought of morning breath. Or, for the less overtly affectionate, just plug it into conversation. See that smile you love, and share what you’re thinking. “See? That’s why I love you.”


Who’s the first person you call with great news? The first one you think about when you need a shoulder to cry on? Invite that person to do something they enjoy, even if it’s not your favorite.


Challenge #2


Apologize, and mean it. If you owe your love an apology for something, offer a sincere “I am sorry.” Is there something you’re holding onto? A hurt you’ve found hard to let go? Write it down, commit yourself to letting it go, and then shred the note and throw it away. Or, if an apology isn’t in order, compliment your spouse on a wise decision—even if it’s just a great blouse, a pleasing wall color, or making the right call about a discipline issue with the kids.


Make amends in a strained relationship, or compliment a total stranger. Pay it forward, and you’ll start a ripple effect with never-ending potential.


Challenge #3


Remember what first drew you to your significant other? Sit back and revel in it—it’s still there. Whether it’s a sparkle in the eyes or the personality, years of distractions have only dulled your ability to see it. Focus on seeing his or her as the person you chose to love, and you will.


Do something you haven’t done in years (preferably something legal) that helps you recapture a feeling you’ve been missing. Share the experience with a close friend who’s “been there, done that” if you can, but the bottom line is: do it.

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