3 Veggies You Need to Stop Walking Past in the Grocery Store


You’re stuck in a rut. Your family gets frustrated when they see yet another meal with salads or a new twist on the same old veggies, but you’re convinced there just aren’t any new¬†healthy eating¬†options out there. If this sounds like you, here are a few novel ideas that just might liven up your meal-planning and get your family to try out new flavors.


Jicama is brown and looks like a giant potato, but peel off that rough outer layer and slice, and you’ve got a great crunchy snack that’s perfect for dipping and dressing up salads. It’s a little sweet, and is a great complement to a veggie tray.

Bok Choy

A member of the cabbage family, bok choy is pretty versatile. It’s a sturdy, leafy green that’s absolutely packed with calcium. You can eat it shredded in a slaw, whole-leaf in a wrap, or lightly sauteed or stir-fried as the star of the show. Look for it in many Asian mainstay recipes for some serving ideas.


A root vegetable that’s seasonal in the winter, rutabagas have just a hint of radish-like spice (much like turnips). They respond well to roasting, which neutralizes the spice and brings out more of the sweetness. Or, keep the spice and eat raw rutabaga slices or sticks with a creamy homemade ranch dip.

Vanessa Chamberlin is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach and author of The Fire-Driven Life: How to Ignite the Fire of Self-Worth, Health, and Happiness with a Plant-Based Diet. For more information, please visit, www.vanessachamberlin.com and connect with her on Twitter, @vkchamberlin.


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