5 Ways Successful People Win in Life



From the most successful people in all walks of life, we’ve put together a quick “to-do” list for every day that just might help you get your priorities in order.

  • Get real. If your dream is to own your own business, but you’ve just been laid off and you’re in debt, you don’t need a dream. You need an actionable plan with deadlines and realistic steps you can take right now.
  • Hang out with people you want to be. Look at who you run with. Is that who you want to be in five years? Choose friends and mentors carefully.
  • Question everything. Just because an idea, an activity, or even a fashion style is “all the rage,” does it reflect who you are? Independent values can go a long way in setting you apart from the crowd. Run with the sheeple, and you disappear.
  • Do your homework. Don’t accept “truth” just because someone hands it to you in a neat package or posts it on social media. Ask why. Find the details and learn your history.
  • Act courageously. You’re the only person responsible for what you contribute to the world. You’ve heard, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” so do it. Be the friend you want, the employee you’d hire or promote, the boss you’d want to work for, the best in whatever role you play in this world.

Time and time again, we see stories that prove that fear finds staying power in ignorance, and we’re all ignorant in different ways. Face your fear, and you’ll fill in the gaps of your knowledge base that could be keeping you from true success. Own the day, and every day you’ll build your own confidence knowing that you’ve done something worthwhile today that blazes a new trail for your own future. Be humble, be bold, be thankful, and know that you already possess what you need to get ahead: free will.


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