6 Top-Rated Mid-range Fitness Trackers, Under $200


If your workout gets a boost from using a pedometer or fitness tracker with a few more bells and whistles, it could be time for an upgrade. Here are half a dozen workout tech gadgets with a few more features in the $100-200 price range.

Misfit Shine


The Skinny: Brand new to the market, the Shine’s data-rich interface gives a bit more at-a-glance info than comparably priced competitors such as the FitBit Force (see below). However, the Shine lacks the extra features standard in most other trackers. The FitBit line and others help track things like diet and sleep while offering better integration with other devices and apps.

The One for You? It’s a great option for the casual user looking for a cool-looking gadget to complement their fitness regimen. The tasteful design won’t deter new users from sticking to its limited but helpful data features.

Fitbit Force


The Skinny: As will all FitBit trackers, the Force makes it easy to track steps, sleep, and calories. Its wrist strap design is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and doubles as an everyday watch. The Force syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth, and FitBit provides plenty of ways to sift through fitness data on its popular website.

The One For You? The Fitbit Force sets a new standard for trackers. Its bright screen, comfortable design, and set of glitzy new features make this a solid investment for casual users and fitness buffs alike. It’s a great gift option for tracker enthusiasts looking for an upgrade.

Jawbone UP

The Skinny: Here’s what users love: the activity and sleep efficiency trackers are paired with a uniquely well-designed and intuitive app, all tucked into a discreet bracelet. As a slim, display-less band, the Up is one of the more attractive devices. The one-touch sleep button is handy and avoids the annoying wake-to-sleep band transition encountered by the Fitbit and Larklife.

The One for You? If the app is your biggest draw, the Up can’t be beat. Users can’t get enough of the seamless site that sticks to counting steps and monitoring sleep patterns. The streamlined design has a leg up on out BodyMedia Fit and Lark’s. Keep in mind that this one is little more than a fancy pedometer with a killer app; reviews often cite price as the primary concern.


The Skinny: Users tend to balk at Larklife’s clunky wristband form, which doesn’t have the sleek appeal of Nike+ and Jawbone. However, the Larklife’s app offers a unique feature: concrete suggestions for lifestyle improvement provided by actual fitness pros. Even better, the app learns your habits over time—the more you wear it, the more customized the advice will be.

The One for You? Larklife has the data-mining and app integration goods to compete, but users prefer a more minimalist look to this gadget’s bulky and uninspiring design. Reviews tend to place this one in the middle of the pack.

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