7 Steps to a Healthy Makeup Routine


There’s a lot of talk these days about ingredients in food and skin care products and their effects on long-term health. Since you ingest food and absorb cosmetics through your skin, it makes sense to take a more natural approach and avoid ingredients that have been shown to disrupt endocrine function or increase cancer risks.

From the Lab, a subscription service founded by CEO Steven Dworman and President Lorraine Dahlinger, sends members monthly boxes of full-size beauty items. They explain that cosmetic corporations have agreements with small European labs for products. It can take an average of four to eight years for scientists to develop the formula, and another three to four years for companies to bring it to market. From the Lab skips the retail process.

“These new innovations from the future are in our members’ hands up to an average of 18 months before they come out in retail,” Dworman says. Here are seven strategies he and Dahlinger recommend to healthify your beauty regimen while saving money:

  • Identify your needs. Dahlinger says to start with your personal beauty routine. Figure out which products you love and then determine your health priorities, such as shampoos with ethylene oxide. “It won’t be daunting if you switch one piece at a time,” Dahlinger says.
  • Read ingredient lists. Read ingredient lists before your spend your money. If there’s a certain active ingredient you want, it should be at the top half of the list. Find out more about potentially dangerous cosmetic ingredients from sites such as The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
  • Use the web. Find information from a non-biased forum of like-minded shoppers. After all, who better to talk about how the latest viral mascara product actually works than someone who’s tried it?
  • Be wary of exaggerated claims. Be skeptical of exaggerated marketing claims, such as “fountain of youth” and “miracle” concoctions. “We all know skin care products make a big difference, but there’s nothing that’s going to turn back time,” Dahlinger says. “Diet, hydration, stress, and good genes are all a part of your whole…Good skin care helps, but there’s a lot more to beauty than just a product.”
  • Embrace samples. She says to embrace samples of luxury items, whether it’s from a store or a box. Be honest with yourself about your needs. “Are you going to wear your liquid eyeliner every day to your job or a playdate? Probably not,” Dahlinger says. Get samples, explore, have fun, and then if you fall in love with something, you’ll feel much more confident making the investment in the full-size product.
  • Watch expiration dates. Be mindful of expiration dates. If you’re going to invest in a luxury mascara, you should wear it every day, since it only has a lifespan of three months. If you’re going to use it only on special occasions, a drugstore mascara may be the better option.
  • Try out monthly subscription boxes. Look for a monthly beauty box with products with more natural ingredients. Dahlinger says From the Lab uses ingredients in clinically effective concentrations with a conscientious approach. The ingredients are clean, cruelty-free, animal-free, and comply with European testing standards.

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