A Cookbook Review: Against All Grain by Danielle Walker


Does a cookbook qualify as a must-read? It can. Especially when it’s Against All Grain by Danielle Walker; and there are so many reasons why. Not only will readers find more than 150 absolutely delectable recipes, they will also gain access to the personal story of its author and intimate knowledge about how to shop, cook, and live by the Paleo lifestyle.

Don’t let the mention of “Paleo” stop you from considering this recommendation. I was once in that position where I was reluctant to consider any dish that purposely removed any and all use of grains, lactose, and legumes. But, it was Walker’s Against All Grain that not only changed my mind, but converted me to the Paleo way of life.

Walker wrote Against All Grain after a tremendously lengthy search for the source of what was making her sick, which led her to reevaluate her diet. What she found over the course of four years is that many of the foods she loved so much, including (just to name a few) corn, breads, French fries, and pasteurized cheeses, made her very sick.

Tapping her talent and love for cooking, she used those four years to create not only the perfect diet for her own body, but a template for others to follow as well. And, they are. Against All Grain is a multi-month New York Times Bestseller.

So, how did she choose her favorite recipes to make the book? “I used a handful of fan favorites from my blog and then filled in the gaps with everything that I knew people would miss when they switched their diets,” Walker says. “The book is packed with every recipe you could think of, so people do not feel deprived. It was actually hard to whittle it down to the 160 that are in there, I had to eventually shut my brain down so I would stop dreaming up more recipes!”

Get your own copy of Against All Grain today. It’s available anywhere books are sold. Visit Danielle’s website for more information and to purchase as well. And, because you will definitely want to be among the first in line to experience her upcoming sequel, Meals Made Simple, I recommend a pre-purchase at Amazon.



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