The Clutchette Power: Smartphone Charging in a Purse


Anxious. That’s the feeling we get when we look down at our phone and see that our power has dipped into the red. It gets even worse when we’re away from outlets or our vehicles. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could charge a phone from anywhere?

Now you can. With the Clutchette Power line from Chic Buds, phones receive the boost they need directly from your bag. Thanks to an ultrathin battery and built-in USB cords, a smartphone can receive up to one full charge and you don’t have to lose a step. The battery is tucked away in its own compartment—ready to go when needed—with plenty of room available for the necessities, such as keys, credit cards, and lipstick.

Each Clutchette comes with an ultrathin battery, built-in USB power cords, and are made from supple, vegan leather with satin lined interiors.

Available styles include the Clutchette Cross Body and the Clutchette Power. Color choices include cognac, black, cobalt, yellow, coral, and taupe. There is also a wristlet option that comes in four chic must-have metallic colors: Jaqueline (pink), Emma (black), Taylor (silver), and Rae (rose gold). Chic Buds also offers a range of complementary accessories, including batteries, earbuds, speakers, phone carrying cases, and more.

Visit Chic Buds for more information and to purchase.


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