Consider a YOU Upgrade


Recently, hoping to spend some time just relaxing with a good movie, I was suddenly prompted, “Upgrade Netflix?” Without giving it a second thought, I clicked okay. My experience was not as relaxing as I had hoped. It did; however, fuel this article.

That if, like software, there was an “About You” option where others could learn about your latest release? Curious, they might go on to check the details: Fixes? Enhancements? New Features? They might also perform an Internet search to determine if there were any compatibility and/or installation issues. What are others saying about your latest release? What’s planned; is anyone anticipating your next version? Are you?

Technology advances wait for no one. You can choose to remain the same, but you will soon encounter compatibility issues when working with others. If you wait too long your technical support contract will expire; there may not be an upgrade path and instead you have to go with a brand new purchase.

For some of you, technology advances push you out of your comfort zone. They force you to change the way you do things. Reactive thinkers get what they get.

Others have been impatiently waiting to implement these changes. They see into the future and have already anticipated how to benefit from the upgrade. In fact, they were probably the drivers behind the change. Strategic thinkers see into the future and plan for it.

A competitive marketplace requires that we stay up-to-date with our field of choice. There was a time when we expected our employer to contribute to our personal development—not so much today. Staff training and development costs have been trimmed down. The choice to personally upgrade is yours to make. The same consequences apply. If you wait too long your employment or client contract will expire, your upgrade path will require an overwhelming investment, and you may find that others are choosing better equipped candidates.

Why not consider a YOU Upgrade? Vision coaching is about setting our sights on the best YOU. What works; what doesn’t work? What stays; what goes? Who will you influence and how? It’s about tapping into your passion—your core values—what matters most to you? Who is your audience? Who needs you to show up as your best YOU? What would you like the “About You” option to say? Legacy—what do you want to leave behind?

Why Upgrade? How big is your WHY? Our best plans often get side-tracked when we short-cut the visioneering process. Without a passionate goal, it’s easy to give up when obstacles show up. I typically stop my clients here and invite them to step into the future. How will life be different when you are operating as your best YOU? Check in with your senses—describe what you see, feel, and touch. Make that vision irresistible. Test it. Does it matter to you? To others?

Sometimes today’s challenges are so big that we can’t see beyond them. For some it’s best to tackle that BIG obstacle first. Set your sights on completing it. As you replace procrastination with action, suddenly the future begins to show up as hope. Completed tasks bring in the confidence you need to see beyond today, “I can do this!”

Whether a short-term vision or a life-long dream, get your vision locked and loaded in your mind and heart; bring it back into your present. Personal Development coaching is about prioritizing and planning the steps that will take you there.

Consider the cost… Time and money influence our priorities. How urgent is our need? It’s possible that our first task is not our favorite. With a clear projected timeline however, we can see how each step contributes to our projected future. Short attainable goals encourage us along the way.

Expect creative tension along the way. Making room for the new is often a bit uncomfortable. It gets a bit messy before order can be restored. It took a couple of days for our Netflix to settle down. A direct internet connection vs. the wireless connection did the trick. Life is as it should be when it comes to relaxing movie time.

Take time out to celebrate… New releases typically come with lots of fanfare. Marketers invest in their pre-release announcements. They keep that Vision in front of you. Why not do the same? Why not celebrate YOU as well? Plan it!

Let’s get practical… It’s a New Year. How would you like it to end? What will this year’s best YOU look like? Body, mind, spirit, finances, career, etc.—where did you invest your time? What kept you focused? How did you anticipate and handle the challenges? Who supported you on this journey? How did you celebrate along the way?

A closing question…What would this New Year look like if you were 10 times bolder?


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Coach Maggie

Coach Maggie is a graduate of Southeastern University and a Certified Coach with Coach Training Alliance. As a licensed Trainer & Reseller with Laurie Beth Jones Inc., she provides the following tools to support her clients: The PATH™ Workshop Creating your Mission Statement for Work & for Life; PEP™ (The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™), an online Personality Assessment; PEP™ Team Communications Training Designed to ignite teams and increase results.

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