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There’s good news for glam gals who like to put their best hand forward, but are tired of inconvenient trips to the nail salon and the high-maintenance hassle of acrylic or gel nails. Throw these frustrations aside with Custom Nail Solutions—a set of natural-looking nails created just for you to assure a perfect, comfortable, unbreakable, and long-lasting fit.

Ever inquisitive about all things beauty, I recently purchased and tested my own set of Custom Nail Solutions and was thoroughly impressed by this innovative, patented nail system, which happens to be the invention of a cosmetic dentist.

Each nail is custom fit from a personal impression of each individual nail bed (as unique as your fingerprint) made with dental putty. The nails are then fabricated to your desired length using an indestructible, high impact thermo-plastic guaranteed to never chip, break, crack, or change shape. They are removable, reusable, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and will last your lifetime. They also contain UV light protection, so tanning is not a concern. Best of all, with this system, you’re not tied to regular visits requiring hours at a salon. No more harsh grindings and filings that expose you to harmful chemicals.

In addition to nail bed customization, Custom Nail Solutions also allow you to choose the nail length (Sport, Active, Fashion, or Glamour ranging from 3-8mm beyond the end of your natural nail), the smile line (Classic or Deep), and shape (Oval or Square). Designs include French tipped or solid pink.

The process is surprisingly easy. The first step is to order your impression kit from You will then want to schedule a professional manicure for the day you will do your impressions. Afterward, you simply follow the easy instructional DVD and booklet included in the impression kit and send in your completed impressions to the Custom Nail Solutions headquarters.

Your completed impression is scanned by the company’s state-of-the-art laser system before it goes through a detailed creation process. Your Custom Nail Solutions nails are created to fit your natural nail anatomy with precision and accuracy.  They are finished to the length, shape, and design you’ve requested, and the anatomy of your nail bed is then stored in their database. If you ever lose a nail, no worries.

Within approximately one week, your custom fit nails, as well as your Application and Removal Kit are shipped. When your shipment arrives, use the convenient and exclusive Custom Nail Solutions stand for ease in applying polish using any brand or color. When the time comes, polish can be removed with nail polish remover and your nails will never stain. It’s just a matter of applying, enjoying, and admiring the transformation. You’ll have beautiful, glamorous looking nails anytime, anywhere, on your own schedule.

The wear time of your custom nails is approximately 2-3 weeks. Once your natural nails have grown out, simply use the quick and easy soak-off process to safely remove your custom nails. The Ultra Sonic machine, included in the Diamond Package (my choice and recommendation), makes the removal process even easier.

The Impression System & One Set of Custom-Fit Nails retails for $179 and comes with 10 finger trays, 2 spoons, 1 yellow impression material, 1 white impression material, instruction sheet, and the complete Custom Nails and maintenance system. The Luxe List-worthy Diamond Package includes the Impression System & Two Sets of Custom-Fit Nails, the Sonic Bath extra bottle of Soak Off, one free replacement nail re-cut, and a matching purse and wallet for $345. Orders may be placed online at or by calling toll free at 877-218-7788 or locally at (817) 416-7788.

Considering the inconvenience and downfalls of salon nail options, Custom Nail Solutions are a no-brainer for durable, salon-beautiful nails as unique, beautiful, and remarkable as the woman wearing them.


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