Dragon Software: Speak It and It Shall Be So


For a couple of months I had heard this commercial for voice recognition software that really had me wondering whether it could deliver on its promises. Dragon, the “NaturallySpeaking” software, promotes its product line by featuring a speechwriter who is demonstrating the software’s capabilities by transcribing an elaborate prose.

I had used two other similar software products in the past without any kind of success. I would say “number” and it would type “kitchen.” I was unimpressed. Yet, there was something about these commercials that left me excited every time. I had to try it.

So, in December, I went and purchased the Professional version of Dragon and installed it on my desktop. From the beginning, I could tell a drastic difference in this software’s ability to understand my dialect and tone, and easily interpret my commands.

As an individual who spends most of her time typing and writing long documents, I can truly appreciate a tool that saves time. Even though I can type 80 wpm, I am still open for something that will help me avoid that achy wrist issue in the evenings. I think I found my solution.

The Dragon software boasts the ability to quickly and easily help users create, edit and manage documents, while also allowing them to control a computer, including the mouse, applications, email, and more. I have to admit that I haven’t used the software to control the computer, so I can’t really speak to that functionality.

What I can speak to its ability to understand my voice and put my thoughts to paper rather quickly. While your thought process is different than the one used to type, it’s still effective. What I mean by this is that you have to think to give commands like “begin quote”, “end quote”, and “period.” Other than that, however, it’s just as rapid as I’d hoped. I have written chapters of my new book as well as several articles and I can’t imagine going back.

The Dragon, NaturallySpeaking software gets a thumbs-up from me and a big recommendation to any computer-reliant writer.


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