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MK: Besides networking, what are a few specific strategies to increase ROI on an authority website? 

KC: Content creation is a critical component for an effective authority website. Content created either by or for the investor, who receives regular reports, can show steady growth by 0.05% to 1% every month. Within the last few years, this strategy has been regarded as a solid place to diversify a portfolio. Content creation doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Two examples of this are user-generated content—posts written by guest contributors—and editorialized content. Editorialized content is a great way to quickly become recognized as a thought leader in your industry by, in a field expert capacity, giving valuable insight on a particular newsworthy, relevant topic. Of course, if you’re procured the article from a third party author, you have to give full credit to that individual so as to respect the intellectual property rights.

MK: Any final thoughts to share with investors considering an authority website?

KC: Whether you are newly retired or just beginning to plan your eventual retirement, authoritative websites have been proven to be a great investment in your overall plan at any state in your investment cycle. And, one need not already be an established speaker, author, consultant or other voice of authority to commence with this strategy. Indeed, an authority website can certainly be a means toward these ends and much more.

It’s clear that Courtright is on to something. Since he founded Today’s Growth Consultant (TGC) in 1992, the company has twice been named an Inc. 5000 designee and has doubled revenues in the last five years. It’s now a multi-million dollar international enterprise that has worked with over 3,300 companies in 49 states, including McDonald’s, Cadillac, First National Bank, Harrah’s Casino, MCI WorldCom, GM, Chevy and the Chicago Bulls Organization.  Capitalizing on this sustained success, in 2012 Courtright’s TGC launched “Income Store” to help individuals, companies and private equity firms pursue, buy, develop and manage revenue-generating websites at two times earnings. The company’s portfolio currently boasts over 600 websites that are seen approximately 150 million times each year.

As with other investing strategies, it seems this authority website approach may very well be perfect for those who seek the benefits of increasing their asset base and net worth while allowing a third party field expert manage the daily functions of that growth. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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Pictured: Ken Courtright

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