Five Easy Ways to Unblock Creativity Block

Every time we write we are subject to the dreaded writer’s block. Use the following tips to help when you get into that all-too-common situation wherein it seems as though your brain just stops working.

1. Take note – When you’re creative juices aren’t flowing, it’s a smart practice to write down or type out whatever does happen to cross your mind. That includes absolutely whatever pops in up there. Just jot it down and then go back and look at what you’ve accumulated. You may be surprised to find brilliance among the chaos.

2. Step away from the project – Whatever it is you’re working on you need to take at least a 10-minute break from it to clear your mind. Take a walk around the office or, better yet, around the block. Try to clear your mind of anything project-related for at least that time period.

3. Change your perspective – If you’re having a hard time being creative in one space, find a more creative space. If you work better in a quiet environment, but are surrounded by “cubes,” you may need to find a conference room, or request to work from home in prep for those big moments of creativity.

4. Enlist others – Two brains are better than one. Imagine how great multiple brains can be if you enlist your fellow coworkers in helping address your creativity demands.

5. Create a Backup – Oftentimes, we find that some of our best or most creative ideas come at the moments they aren’t necessarily needed. In these instances, it will prove highly beneficial to make note of those ideas and create a back-up file that you can reference during moments of need.


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Amy Day

Amy Day is the Associate Publisher and a contributing writer for Strategy Magazine. She has an MBA in Marketing Communications and Strategic Leadership from Southern Methodist University and has been on staff with Strategy for nearly a decade. She is an award-winning business executive with customer service credentials from the Disney Institute. In addition to editorial oversight, her regular beat includes business, customer service, publishing, and family/child wellness.

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