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OK let’s face it ladies…it’s all about the shoes! Every woman knows that shoes make or break an outfit. To help you put your best foot forward, here are a number of clever fixes that’ll help elevate your style and keep you comfy all the while.

Lisa LeCroyConvertible Footwear ( ) – Starting at $145

Salzburg Brown Napa

Salzburg Brown Napa, Lisa Lecroy

The Lisa LeCroy Collections are a truly new and innovative approach to footwear. The lines are comprised of completely convertible shoes and boots that can be mixed and matched with chic, interchangeable uppers that turn one boot into 10. The luxe line is crafted of soft Nappa leather and suede from Italy.

Lisa LeCroy, a frequent transatlantic flyer, asserts that “sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.” While cleaning out her closet one day, she had an epiphany: a boot collection with interchangeable tops. For someone who admits to checking a suitcase full of shoes every time she travels overseas, her line now enables her to pack 22 boots in a small, rolling carry-on.

Hugrz Boot Wraps ( ) – Starting at $19.95

Black Fair Isle with Riding Boot

Black Fair Isle with Riding Boot, Hugrz

Hugrz are wraps and accessories that allow you to personalize boots so they match any style—from chic, to edgy, to cozy. Available in a wide variety of different colors and styles, Hugrz changes the look of the boots you wear everyday. They fit over any style—from shearling and sheepskin boots, to heels, rain boots, booties, and leather boots.

These wraps have the ability to make short boots suddenly look tall. Plus, they are so easy-peasy: they simply slide on like a sock . The Hugrz boot wraps include the Santa Fe and Bennington Collections made from a cotton/poly blend or 100% acrylic, and the Aspen collection made from all-synthetic faux fur.

Still Standing ( – $23.99

Still Standing

Still Standing, Lyn Butler

Still Standingspray actually PREVENTS “Stiletto Suffering” before it begins. Because of stilettos’ design, they push the top of your foot into your shoe. After awhile, your feet become hot and irritated, and your shoes feel tight. This only gets worse as time passes.

Still Standing stops this cycle before it starts by keeping your foot cool and comfortable. Spray all around the top, side, and bottom of your feet before putting on your stilettos. Let dry, shoe up, and go! Touch up as needed with the mini travel spray, giving you 1.5-4 hours of comfort, depending on the shoe and the situation. This proprietary formula spray contains menthol, Eco-Distilled organic Arnica, Ilex, and Aloe (natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers). Colorless and greaseless with a vanishing scent, it works on bare skin or through stockings.

Bodyglidefor Her and Footglide Anti-Friction Sticks ( – $7.99

BodyGlide For Her

BodyGlide For Her

Bodyglide, known for creating products in the anti-friction category, offers products designed to address any chafing issue. The Footglide Foot Formula and Bodyglide for Her are must-have fashion fixes to avoid and stop the pain and redness associated with rubbing and chafing on the body and feet.

All Bodyglide products are made with plant-derived waxes instead of oils and petroleum jelly that clog the pores and tend to be messy or greasy. Bodyglide protects the skin while allowing the perspiration that cools the body. It works everywhere chafing occurs, including feet, thighs, under arms, chest, and the face, which is particularly helpful when exposed to wind and cold.

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