iJet Worldcue for International Travelers in an Unstable World


Already packed for your next trip? In a world of constantly changing dangers and civil unrest, one thing you should always include on your pre-travel checklist is security. But, that’s not something you can put in your suitcase. Or, is it?

Mobile Risk Management: iJet

One name that is synonymous with operational risk management is iJet. Now, there’s a security app from iJET called Worldcue Mobile Traveler 2.0 that provides up-to-date critical safety and security information for travelers. The app includes enhanced features for iJET’s clients’ employees, expats on duty, and solo travelers whenever and wherever they need it.

The iJet app is available in iOS and Android platforms for free, but it’s actually only functional as a feature of iJET’s travel and risk management services, offered to both corporate and individual clients. Here are five Traveler 2.0 features that are meant to minimize risk when traveling to unstable areas of the world:

  1. Immediate access to critical updates and tools. The app provides one-touch connection to travel, security, and medical information worldwide. iJet provides alerts about possible threats and other critical security updates, day or night.
  2. Connect to global hotline and emergency numbers for assistance. If travelers need assistance, they can ping the iJET team for immediate help. Whether they need to find the hotel, access current rail information, or look for a route to avoid traffic, the Crisis Signal feature in the app will prompt the team to assist.
  3. Easy access to travel itineraries and internal corporate communication. Travelers can check their itineraries through the app. It also allows corporate clients to update policies and procedures in key places and notify employees in real time.
  4. Scheduled communications for reassurance. For corporate use, the Traveler 2.0 app features Safety Check-In for employees to confirm they’re safe. International travelers can be easy targets for pickpockets, robbers, and kidnappers. The Safety Check-In feature lets headquarters know the traveler is safe.
  5. Quick access to updated contact details. The app allows corporate clients to quickly access employees’ contact details in case of emergency with the easy-to-update profile. Employees can also update entries and emergency contact details to keep employers apprised of their location and how to contact them.

The Takeaway

Worldcue Mobile Traveler 2.0 offers functionality that is dependent upon which iJet services corporate clients provide their employees. The security provider gives users in-depth instructions on how to navigate the Worldcue mobile ecosystem. If you’re not sure whether iJet and its new app would be useful for yourself or your company, check out New York University’s Traveler’s guide for a detailed look at how iJet serves its corporate members and their employees.



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