Making Year-Round Resolutions


According to, “Lose Weight ” is the most popular New Year’s resolution, followed by “Pay Off Debt,” “Save Money,” and “Get a Better Job.” Interestingly enough, “Get Fit,” and “Eat Right,” scored as no. 5 and no. 6. This sort of reminds me of what comes first, the chicken or the egg? While all of these decisions to do something require hard work, they can easily come and go, similar to those one-hit wonders we all question and now identify as die-hards.

One thing that does last, and is difficult to get away from, even for Mcauley Culkin, is a family tie. Although in 1992, Gregory Kingsley, now Shawn Russ, won the right to divorce his parents and live with his foster parents. Surely no small feat, but whether he likes it or not, his DNA can’t be altered or changed. Along with classical genetics comes an inscribable ancestral pedigree. Morality, ethics and perseverance are also passed from generations; however, they are altered with our society.

Morality is important in all areas of society. It’s critical that young people receive impart ethical values that provide lasting benefits. Today’s educational teaching produce mixed results, yet every 20 seconds another teenager contracts a sexually transmitted disease. Are we just too scared or too politically correct to answer the questions “why is this good?” and “why is that bad?” Abortion is right. Abortion is wrong. War is sometimes right. War is always wrong, except when we remember 9/11. Cheating on your income tax is OK as long as you don’t get caught? Are we killing our valuing process and objective standards of right and wrong and dismissing the principles encountered in the Ten Commandments, the wise proverbs of Ben Franklin, or other principles of living? So why can’t we emphasize the restructure of morality or ethics as our resolutions?

This is the philosophy of too much “postmodern” society. Rather than “Get a Better Job,” concentrate on how to stop changing right from wrong, get a little bit tougher, and ask yourself if you are living it right. By doing so, certain basic themes will continue their existence, while emerging and organizing ethical thinking.


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