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With $1 cheeseburgers lurking around every corner, it may seem as though eating healthy is too expensive. A quick stop at any fast-food restaurant may save time and money, but it’s at the risk of your health. Sometimes it takes a little more effort and planning to eat healthy, but the benefits are greater (as with all things worth doing right).

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean going to the nearest, and usually quite expensive, health food chain. It just means doing your recipe research, choosing the right ingredients, and putting it all together. Three essentials to eating healthy on a budget are meal planning, eating a balanced diet, and reducing food waste. MealBoard Meal and Grocery Planner can help you do it all—right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Shop Smart

The first, most important, and probably the most challenging step of staying on track with any budget is to set one in advance and stick to it. Once your budget is set, you can log all the food you currently have and monitor expiration dates in MealBoard. This helps to avoid buying multiples, and keeps food from expiring on the shelf. The MealBoard grocery list feature can generate a shopping list based on what you’ve used out of your pantry inventory and the recipes you’ve entered into the meal planner for the next week.

Reduce Waste

It’s simple: wasted food equals wasted money. MealBoard has features that make it easy to reduce waste and save money:

  • Need to borrow a cup of sugar? Check your neighbor’s linked MealBoard cupboard and see if they have what you need before going to the store.
  • Pay attention to serving sizes. You might only need to cook for a few people, while a recipe is written to serve an entire family. MealBoard helps scale recipes to fit your needs, reduce food waste, and keep portion sizes appropriate. If you make sure you are preparing and serving the correct portions for each meal, it helps your diet and your wallet.

Stick to a Plan

Plan your meals appropriately for each occasion. Create different meal plans for snacks, dinners, and parties that you can reuse or modify at any time. Import recipes from top Web sites, apply their ingredients to your shopping list, then add them to your meal plans in MealBoard. Make sure to cook recipes that contain ingredients you already have for maximum budget savings.

Although MealBoard is listed at $2.99 in The App Store, it will save you far more than that in the long run. It’s easy to use, well-designed, and makes planning your meals a breeze. Take the time to invest in this app and you will be making culinary budget history in no time.


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