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“Productivity is never an accident,” said Paul J. Meyer, founder of the Success Motivation® Institute, Inc. and Leadership Management® International, Inc. “It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” We couldn’t agree more. But the problem many want-to-be productive individuals find, however, is that most of the tools created for the purpose of empowering and encouraging productivity are somewhat lacking in creativity and, err…plain and simple fun. Paper journals, calendars, and color-coded organizational tabs have, after all, seen better days.

That’s why the bright and creative minds at Moredays® are turning the tide.

Moredays is not just an app. It’s THE app for productive people. Regardless of an individual’s profession, daily demands, or intended uses, this app promises to enable users with the tools needed to plan, make notes, get organized, and enjoy life—all in a funny way, with no boredom.

Flip Molcan is the founder of Moredays and the brains behind its design. “I started Moredays two years ago with a belief that people should be able to do the productivity stuff with more fun,” says Molcan. “The main problem today is that people hate to use productivity tools because they’re boring. Because of this we have an app where we use pictures, stamps and other simple ways to help you organize your life.”

Moredays is brilliant in this respect. It not only offers the convenience and efficiencies of a digital diary, planner, scrapbook, and notebook all in one, but does so with the most amazing, high quality and beautiful design available. The importance of this is immediately apparent as it drastically improves the user experience, inspiring productivity from the get-go. Yet, it’s simplistic enough, you’ll want to use it every day.

There are currently more than 40,000 users of the Moredays app, more than 50% of which are women. The platform is currently offered for Mac and PC, as well as iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It will also very soon be available as an Android app. To learn more and get started, visit Visit the App Store on your Apple product to download the app for free.


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