The Importance of Moving While Working


How Long Have You Been Sitting in That Chair?

Do you ever feel like your job may be killing you? It likely is. If you’re not moving while working, you are putting yourself at daily risk for increased disease and mortality rates just for doing your job. Consider: Americans spend 8.5 hours a day sitting in front of screens—computer, televisions, etc.

Nearly half (49 percent) of U.S. employees have not engaged in any rigorous physical exercise in the past 30 days. Only 28 percent of employees rate their overall health as excellent. Almost half (44 percent) of workers also gain weight due to their jobs. Sitting six or more hours a day leads to an increased risk of death with only minimal risk reduction gained by exercising outside of work. Physical inactivity and diet combined are the second leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States.

The need to promote the benefits of healthy lifestyles through worksite health promotion activities and environments has never been more critical. The key is creating sustained engagement throughout the year, each and every day, within and outside the workplace.

The health of an employer’s employees is their business. Unhealthy behaviors drive health care expenses and lower workplace productivity. More and more employers are beginning to take the health of their employees seriously.

Leadership is getting involved. Innovative health improvement programs with proven ROIs are being put in place to help engage employees. Corporations are creating cultures of health that provide healthier environments engendering movement and peer-to-peer healthy activity. Encouraging employees to move during working hours enhances employee productivity, reduces health care costs and absenteeism and ensures long-term returns.


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