MSpy: Empowering Parents with Control Over Texting


Cloud-based services, once a little-understood concept by the masses, are now the preferred method for managing a number of functions. From invoicing, to monitoring, and simple services for the average user, to complex storage needs for large enterprises, the Cloud offers not only convenience and mobility, but also a number of other benefits to users everywhere.

London-based mSpy is one such Cloud-based software provider.

How It Works

Using Android, iOS, or Blackberry devices, users are able to monitor native and third-party messaging apps at their discretion while data is stored in secure, isolated cloud servers. This means the information retained is private and available for your eyes only. “It’s not spying, it’s just monitoring,” said Andrei Shimanovich, COO of mSpy, during a recent phone interview. “You see what’s going on in the dashboard and what the users are doing.”

With basic, premium, and business plans available, users access the software’s control panel or dashboard to view logs, metrics, location, and applications. It also contains a few well-known native and third-party smartphone apps, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber messages, and Facebook logs (for premium and business subscriptions only). This gives users the ability to monitor how they interact with their smartphones.

What’s Required

The only requisite for mSpy activation is a hands-on installation to the smartphone. It comes with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide on the dashboard—with screenshots and extended tips—to setup the service, which takes around 5-10 minutes. An Internet connection is required during the configuration. (Note: Android users are required to root their devices to activate third-party apps monitoring, while iOS users must have jailbroken devices to install mSpy service.)

Once the subscription is activated (one device per account), you can see the logs and activities in the smartphone—whether it’s your family member’s or an employee’s device, with proper consent.

Key Features

This Cloud-based software offers a number of features users will find beneficial, including:

  • Syncing—Data from the smartphone, such as photos, videos, and audio files, are synced in two ways: Wi-Fi or All Internet Connections (including 3G/4G mobile Internet connection).
  • Blocking Installed Apps—A red button at the right side of each app allows you to block it in the smartphone. If the user launches the app, it shuts down automatically. This is highly applicable when sharing devices with children by prohibiting them to open your mobile office apps or private apps. Blocks/unblocks are performed anytime through the dashboard.
  • Key Logging—Enable the default keyboard to activate this feature, which captures all the keyboard characters and logs of the user while he/she interacts with the apps. (Note: This will not work if the user switches to a third-party keyboard (e.g. Emoji keyboard); you can’t prevent the user from changing keyboard settings.)
  • Managing the Device—Users can view the phone’s specifications and current status, such as battery percentage, type of Internet connection, and other internal settings. Users can also protect a stolen smartphone quickly with a one-click “Wipe the Phone” feature to stop the thief from accessing contacts, files, and private data. It also supports backup and export options.
  • Monitoring Third-party Messaging Apps—mSpy supports self-deleting apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber, which allows you to see specific activities of each app from chats, to locations, shared photos, and much more.

Mr. Shimanovich said that mSpy would have new updates a few months from now to support additional third-party apps like Snapchat, YouTube, ChatOn, and Telegram. That doesn’t seem to be holding back the onslaught of subscribers, though. As of this writing, there are 1.5 million subscribers and growing; including parents (40%), business users (10-15%), and individuals (45%).

Check out mSpy official website for more details.



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