6 Attributes of the Perfect Goals Partner


If your New Year’s Resolution fizzles by about three months into the new year, you’re not alone. Many of us start January determined to achieve lofty goals we’ve set for ourselves, but as life takes over and reality sets in, our enthusiasm wanes. Where once we had hope, we instead harbor hopelessness. A goals partner can change things for the better, and it doesn’t have to be January 1 for us to make our lives better.

Helen Keller is credited with the quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Anyone who has tried to accomplish a goal knows that having someone to encourage and keep you accountable can keep your energy levels high and your commitment to change resolute.

When you seek out a goals partner, select someone who motivates you and brings the following to the partnership:

  • Mutual respect. A great amount of passion and energy is generated when you are working with someone whom you respect and who respects you.
  • Positive, open communication. You need someone to give you honest feedback as you pursue your goals. You may need them to give you a nice little reality check from time to time.
  • Time available for you. You will need to bounce ideas off your goals partner. They can help you stay on track, and even help you with some of the tasks needed to achieve your goals, but they must be available when you need encouragement.
  • Willingness to compromise when necessary. A goals partner should keep you accountable to your goals, but also know you well enough to remain flexible on how you get there.
  • Core values. You and your goals partner can create a supportive environment that fosters personal growth if you’re both focused on achieving goals and creating success. There’s no time to be bitter and blame others for a lack of success.
  • An element of fun. It’s a powerful motivator when you are having fun while achieving the goals you set out to achieve. What’s even better is when your goals partner is there at the finish line cheering wildly for your success.

The person you choose to help motivate you can be your can be any person with whom you have a close relationship. Just remember that, in choosing the right goals partner, you will have double the experience, double the knowledge, and double the encouragement to see you both through to achieving your goals.

Onyx Jones is an accomplished entrepreneur, administrator, and accountant, and the author of The UNOfficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals: Seven Steps to Creating Your Roadmap to Success.


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