Post Baby Body: 5 Reasons to Skip the Gym


Every time a celeb has a baby, the tabloids are all atwitter about how long it took her to get her “pre-baby” body back. I’ve got news for those people: you can’t get that back. It’s gone forever.

What we can do is try to be healthy without creating guilt. For some of us, spending money creates guilt. For most of us, spending time on ourselves creates guilt. As moms, we’ve got enough guilt going around to blanket the world in it, so I’m here to tell you that spending money and time working out in a gym is just not worth it. Here’s why you can be healthy without it:

  1. Breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day. It’s why we put on extra weight when we’re pregnant, to fuel milk production when the baby comes. Feed the baby, burn the belly fat. Easy, peasy.
  2. Having a baby builds biceps. A newborn has to be carried places, constantly held and rocked and cuddled. This can do wonders for your ‘ceps. Anyone remember Linda Hamilton’s arms in Terminator? Yeah, you can almost get there, just by picking up your love bug.
  3. Babies are a handy travel size. Whether you carry your baby in a wrap or push a stroller, it’s so easy to get moving once you’ve recovered from the big push. Every little bit helps, even if it’s from the last parking space to the front door of the grocery store, then up and down the aisles. Google it; it burns calories, I swear.
  4. You may only sit to feed the baby. Especially right after the baby comes, there’s a little nesting instinct mixed in with the new-mama instinct. Constant motion from cleaning this, cooking that, then hearing your baby’s call and trotting off to do more baby-bicep-curls can sure keep you svelte.
  5. When starving and parched, use some sense. Think of food and drink as fuel to keep the mama machine in good working order; put gunk in there, and it’ll sputter and run out of steam. Fill up on lots of water, have fruits and veggies and simple, healthy foods in easy reach, and you’ll be running like a champ. Even if you don’t actually run.

The most important consideration here is attitude. Your body may be different, but the reason behind it is epic and life changing. Take it from Jennifer Lopez. She may be a celeb, but her approach to post-baby health is one to emulate. “I remember right after the twins were born having that weird jiggly belly–and kind of loving that, too. Because I earned that jiggly belly.” (Via The Telegraph)


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