7 Easy Steps to Unlocking the Power of Content Marketing

Want people to know, like, and trust your brand? Are you feeling as though your online marketing tactics aren’t working and wondering why it’s not as easy to reach your target market as it once was? If content marketing isn’t an integral part of your marketing strategy, then you’ve just found the reason. 
What It Is
Content marketing is pretty simple. It’s valuable information given away for free. Gone are the days when a colorful ad in a side bar was all a company had to do to garner a piece of the Internet customer pie. Prospective customers want information, education, and knowledge. They want to know that the individual or business with which they are considering a transaction knows what he/she/they are doing, talking about, and selling. The Internet, in other words, has made it necessary to provide the reassurance to customers before their purchase that used to come during and after the purchase was made.
How To Use It
Ready for some ideas on how to implement a content marketing strategy? Here are seven:
  1. Keep the ads—They have their place. While content marketing is powerful, creative ads that are well positioned definitely still have their place. The key is to use them as a complement to content marketing and not as the only online advertising approach.
  2. Brainstorm—Bring all your brightest minds together for a brainstorming session of possible topics. Your goal is offering valuable information, so consider topics that leverage what you have that the customer will want (e.g., Five ways to use our product, How-to articles, and Do-it-Yourself empowerment pieces). The key is to establish your business as the expert.
  3. Get a good writer—The last thing you want to do is gather valuable content only to have it drafted by someone with inferior writing and editing skills. Content marketing is a highly cost-effective method, so hiring a writer who knows what he or she is doing will prove investment-worthy.
  4. Get a Blog—One of the best and easiest ways to distribute free content is via your very own blog. Have one added to your current site or build sub-domains dedicated to each product or service line.
  5. Promote, Promote, Promote—The very best content on the Internet will not be found without effective measures of informing customers it’s there. Just a few of the best approaches include : posting valuable comments on other blogs or articles with a link back to your own blog; asking other online experts to help promote your content to their customers who are also in the same target audience; and using social media to reach customers through engaging and meaningful interaction and links to your information.
  6. Leverage the Opportunity—Not all information has to be given away for free. If you or your business has proprietary knowledge or a unique or new approach to a problem or issue your customers face, then you’re in a position to sell that information. By creating a much larger, paid-for marketing piece (like a 100-page ebook), you can “tease” the information in your blog, and then provide a link to purchase the full content.
  7. Be Consistent and On-time—Keep your message consistent and keep the delivery of your content to a reliable schedule. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert to be trusted, you must deliver in the manner your customers have come to expect.
How Do You Use It?
How is your business tapping the power of content marketing? We want to know. Send us your content marketing success story and your business may be featured in an upcoming newsletter or in STRATEGY Magazine. Email us.

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