StickNFind: Never Lose Your Keys Again


DAVIE, FL – The latest technology to take advantage of do-it-all smartphones is a sticker that makes it possible to remotely track whatever the user wants to track. StickNFind uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with an app for a smartphone or tablet to keep track of keys, pets, and even children with a miniscule tracking device that can stick anywhere.

It’s an application of the latest low-frequency Bluetooth technology that StickNFind Technologies Founder, Jimmy Bucheim, says his company has been providing to international corporations for years.

“We are excited to step off the sidelines and reach consumers directly,” Bucheim said in a press release earlier this year. “We have the expertise to develop secure, stable, and unique technologies that make life a little bit easier and even more fun for the everyday consumer.”

The StickNFind app requires Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS and Android, and can track up to 20 battery-operated stickers within 100 feet using a directional radar screen to help the user find the selected sticker. The Virtual Leash feature allows the user to set an alarm that sounds if a sticker moves a selected distance from the tracker, which could be handy for children at a park. Also, lost items with stickers can be located using a “Find It” alert, which sounds an alarm when the sticker moves within range and shows its approximate direction from the user. At just under $50 per sticker and no app subscription fees, StickNFind offers a relatively low-cost solution for short-range tracking.

StickNFind Technologies also recently developed a longer-range device called BluTracker, which is slightly larger than the StickNFind—about the size of a matchbook. BluTracker boasts an internal RF antenna that emits a GPS signal to its associated phone or tablet up to 2500 feet away, and the app can be programmed to alert the user to a moving device. At less than $90, BluTracker is available to both private users and in larger quantities for business use, such as fleet tracking solutions.

StickNFind, LLC is a subsidiary of SSI America. StickNFind is a product development company specializing in RF and very small Bluetooth designs. For more than 12 years, the company has been designing &managing a variety of products for large companies ranging from automotive Bluetooth solutions to various health &fitness Bluetooth products, many of which are currently being sold in retail outlets worldwide. For more information on StickNFind, visit the company’s website at


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