The 5-Minute Meditation Lesson


All about Prana

Prana, the vital life energy, is believed to be the basis of health and well-being for the mind, body, and soul. Meditation advocates believe that prana can be improved through meditation. A person with more prana will feel energetic, alert, and positive, while low levels of prana will result in lethargy, lifelessness, and a lack of enthusiasm. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, and makes room for a positive state of mind, thereby impacting the body, brain, and nervous system.

It is in this way that meditation has the strong potential for alleviating symptoms of illness and contributing to the healing process. It is important to note that if we are stressed, angry, or depressed, we are spreading the negativity to those around us. Meditation’s effects can transcend our own bodies and may purify the environment surrounding us: not bad for a few moments of focused breathing and stillness.


As for me, chanting mantras alongside a group of other meditating individuals is still not my cup of tea, but taking a few minutes each day to close my eyes, slow down, inhale deeply, and visualize all the positive things in my life definitely is. I have even taught my oldest daughter how to meditate when she becomes anxious, and she has grown to love it.

Gong or no gong, a sound mind, a healthier body, and a more peaceful environment is yours to have at the very next breath. And to that I say, “Om, yes, please!”

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