No More Voices: The Ultimate Tool for Overcoming Fear


Best-selling author and motivational speaker, Jon Acuff, sincerely dislikes fear. His latest book, START, is all about the necessity of punching fear in the face and getting beyond what is holding you back in order to truly succeed. According to Acuff, fear and doubt want to make you feel as though you are the only one in the world who feels that way. Fear and doubt want to make you feel uncertain. Alone.

So, Acuff created the solution. In concert with the release of his book, he launched a website designed to provide people with a place to go where they could truly see just how many other people feel exactly as they do. is a forum where anyone can post their fears, and within a matter of minutes, begin to see just how many people share the same fear by clicking “Me, Too.”

“The majority of people get stuck in fear,” says Acuff. “In the first 24 hours after went live, there were more than 1,000 posts. People needed this. The conversation is unique and people are always so surprised, yet empowered to find they aren’t alone. We are inviting other people to dive in with our fears, which collectively allows us to combat it—to punch it in the face.”

Just a taste of what you’ll see on the site:

I will never break out of my comfort zone and actually do something. – Anonymous…(17 Me Toos)

Somebody is already doing that. And better. – Ben…(18 Me Toos)

I am not strong enough for this! – Jen…20 (Me Toos)

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