Top Gadgets for Your Home This Winter


As the days grow colder and nights grow longer, it’s essential that your own space feels as warm and efficient as it can. Spend time with family as you take shelter from the cold outside. Reconnect with your love of being at home with this Strata Homes list of the top gadgets for your home this winter.

Spiralizer (title photo)

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and kitchen tech is high on the list when it comes to things we need this winter. The spiralizer is very trendy at the moment, and for good reason. This handy hand-cranked gadget turns zucchini into spaghetti “zoodles.” You can find an electric spiralizer for as low as $30, and it’s worth every penny.


EcoSmart Fire

There is nothing more comforting than sitting at home with your feet up by the fire; however, fires are costly, messy, and maybe not as eco-friendly as you might think. With this EcoSmart Fire you’ll get the best of both worlds. The units come with bioethanol fireplace inserts, and can fit in most nooks in your living room and even stand alone or in a coffee table. You won’t need a chimney due to the lack of smoke, and the atmosphere the crackling fire creates is bound to lend style to any room or patio.


Wireless Charging Furniture

The future has taken over your living room furniture. IKEA’s wireless charging furniture comes in a range of lamps and tables, and the design is sleek and minimal. While you spend more evenings on the couch scrolling through social media, playing games on your phone or taking pictures of your loved ones, never miss a moment searching for your charger.


Sonos Music System

If your family enjoys music, one of the best purchases you can make this season will be any number of the Sonos multi-room music systems currently on the market. They’re easy to set-up and use, and connecting your phone via an app means that you can change the song from the comfort of the couch.


Sony Soundbar

No family is perfect, and the idea of relatives seeing you lose control over Monopoly might be frightening. Winter movie releases to the rescue! For ultimate enjoyment of these films, one of the best pieces of home tech you can invest in is the Sony Sound Bar (or similar) for full surround-sound movie fulfillment.

With so many new home tech and gadget options offering comfort, easy entertaining, and convenience, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with the family and friends in your home.


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