Freshen Up Your Look with These Wardrobe Secrets


You probably have some nice, classic wardrobe pieces in your closet that you absolutely love and refuse to get rid of no matter what advice well-meaning friends give you. You can dress up your wardrobe affordably using these timeless garments with a few simple additions that won’t lighten your wallet too much.

Smart accessorizing could refresh even the most jaded wardrobe. When purchasing accessories, think scarves, hats, belts, handbags, shoes and sunglasses. First, go through your closet and pick out some solid colored skirts, slacks, tops and jackets that you’ll mix and match with your new accessories. Then, shop for some inexpensive, yet trendy, scarves and belts to accessorize with.

If your budget allows, you could also pick up a new solid color handbag (not black!) and some shoes, but don’t match the shoes to the purse and belt. Too much “matchy matchy” shows your age. Look around you and you’ll notice that the young women today mix and match every color of the rainbow – with stylish results. Next, treat yourself to an affordable pair of sunglasses that make you look – and feel – like a movie star.

When it comes to choosing colors for your accessories, Jill Kirsh, a style expert dubbed Hollywood’s Guru of Hue, suggests choosing fashion colors that work best with your hair color. She says, “Tie into the color of your hair right now, not what is was back in the day.” She has her own color system that helps women find their perfect shades.

Kirsh has worked with red-carpet celebrities, soccer moms, rocker moms and corporate titans. The idea behind her color system is to give the tools and know-how to look younger, more beautiful and totally in sync every day – from sweats and suits to party dresses and stilettos.

Once you have your colors picked out, it’s easy to dress up your wardrobe with a few carefully chosen accessories that will freshen up your look and raise your confidence level.


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