When Food Becomes the Enemy


Change of this magnitude can feel drastic and scary, especially when you’re a foodie. That’s why it’s important to have the support not only of loved ones, but a professional who understands the positive impact such changes can have in your life. “When I wasn’t finding natural health remedies from my Western doctors,” Walker explains, “I turned to a naturopath to work in conjunction with my Western specialists. She had a large grasp on nutrition and was able to help me pinpoint trigger foods that were causing my flare-ups. She monitored an elimination diet and guided me in the foods to cut out and the process of adding them back in. She also closely monitored my drastically depleted vitamin and mineral levels through blood tests and supplementation which was key in my recovery, and was being ignored by other doctors.”

I, too, have a professional naturopath with whom I work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The education is inspiring, but the support is invaluable. The commitment, however, has to be there from the beginning. Realizing that food is the reason behind your suffering requires an all-in dedication to turning your diet around and gaining back the control you’ve lost.

Walker agrees, saying that you can’t take dietary changes like this in steps. Doing so simply makes it harder on you both mentally and physically as the foods your body is rejecting continue wreaking havoc on your system. “It took me quite a few years to fully make the shift and I wish I had done it all at once in hindsight,” says Walker. “If someone is struggling with health ailments, I suggest doing a clean break and some sort of an elimination diet. When you take it slowly, you end up talking yourself out of doing it fully because you likely will not see the kind of progress you are hoping.”

I continue to learn from Walker’s example on a daily basis. Her cookbook, Against All Grain, was released in 2013 with roughly 150 recipes included. I made over 100 of them in just two months. And, while diet will not be the answer for everything that ails you, there is reason to suspect its involvement, especially in circumstances where cause is unknown.

If you find yourself wondering, I encourage you to give Danielle’s cookbook a look. Her personal story and approach to cooking and eating are all included, in addition to recipes that will never leave you wondering what you’re missing out on. Learn more and buy it on her website, and then order her sequel cookbook, Meals Made Simple.


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